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Supply Chain

Focus and flexibility. These are the core principles of how we run our supply chain. IEC Electronics quickly procures components and reduces lead times – to maximize your flexibility in responding to unpredictable product demands. IEC specializes in finding obsolete and end-of-life components in the shortest possible lead time and has on-site testing services for counterfeit component detection. Additionally, IEC Electronics has in‑house fabrication of custom components such as interconnect solutions and precision metalworking. Minimizing the up-front time of procurement - allows for an expedited and seamless transfer into the manufacturing environment to deliver your product when its needed.

Upstream Supply Chain Solutions

Our goal is to reduce our customer’s supply chain risks while fulfilling their orders in the shortest lead time.

Collaborative Demand Planning

  • Advanced planning tools to promote flexibility with demand planning
  • Sequential and non sequential material flow to support lean manufacturing
  • Kaizen and Six Sigma events for continuous improvement and efficiency gains


  • Global networking aligned with our customer’s service requirements
  • 3 PL enabled
  • C-TPAT

Effective Procurement Management

  • Strategic sourcing to proactively adhere to dynamic Federal Regulation changes
  • Global Risk Management for supply chain
  • Optimization of supply chain costing
  • Lead time reduction to unplanned demand
  • Ongoing supplier quality assessments
  • Procurement of end of life components and obsolete parts
  • Flexible supply chain and vendor management inventory

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