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Supply Chain

Minimizing supply chain risk for today’s global challenges requires a manufacturing partner with expertise and flexibility. From vendor management inventory processes to vertical manufacturing of key components beyond PCBA, IEC strives to minimize the up-front time of procurement and control lead times in order to expedite the delivery of your product. In addition, IEC simplifies your supply chain by providing full system assembly, custom configuration, and fulfillment directly to the end customer.

Risk mitigation for your life-saving and mission critical products is also part of a solid supply chain. While the component engineering services provide the up front lifecycle analysis to identify any sourcing risks for obsolete or end of life components; the on-site laboratory conducts inspection, testing & authentication (IT&A) services for counterfeit component detection and is aligned with the most recent DFAR regulations. IEC is the only EMS with an on-site laboratory approved by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for their Qualified Testing Supplier List (QTSL) program.

Delivering your product when its needed while minimizing your supply chain risk are the core principles of how we run our supply chain.

Strategic Sourcing

Federal regulation adherance

Lead time reduction and supply chain cost management

Vendor managed inventory processes and strategic supplier development

Lifecycle Management

Component engineering services including full lifecycle and risk analysis

Leading procurement practices for end-of-life components and obsolete parts

Global risk management

Component Counterfeit Analysis

In-house laboratories performing Inspection, Test & Authenication (IT&A)

Component risk mitigation test planning

Contractor Approved Supplier (CAS) aligned with current DFARS regulations

Vertical Manufacturing

Vertical manufacturing: interconnect solutions, lab services, custom metalworking and PCBA 

Reliability testing, custom design and functional test development

Control cost, quality, and lead-time of critcal custom components


Virtual factory integration with customer's configuration management process

Direct order fulfillment to end customer

C-TPAT and 3 PL enabled DD-250 Forms for Military customers

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