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Life-saving and mission critical products are highly complex and require a sophisticated level of manufacturing to ensure they can reliably perform every time – all the time.

IEC Electronics has that high level of technical expertise and the broad array of manufacturing solutions for complicated full system assemblies ranging from early phase prototype designs to custom configured end-product customer fulfillment.

On-site testing laboratories are used to analyze components, printed circuit board assemblies, and full system level assemblies in combination with our custom functional test development to solve any challenge and ensure that the end-product functions as expected when deployed in the field.

From counterfeit component detection per DLA standards to broad manufacturing capabilities beyond PCBA, such as metalworking and interconnect solutions – we control the supply chain to drive quality, reduce lead time, and minimize our customer’s risk.

With ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and AS9100 certifications, IEC Electronics is committed to quality and continuous improvement, ensuring your products are manufactured to the industry’s most rigorous standards.


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