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IEC Electronics supports our customers beyond just manufacturing. We simplify our customer’s supply chain providing logistics and fulfillment directly to the end customer.


Specializing in complex electronic assemblies, IEC Electronics has a wide spectrum of manufacturing capabilities that support highly configurable products. This flexibility allows us to customize the product for the end-customer and provide direct order fulfillment to seamlessly manage your supply chain.

We have experience integrating with our customer’s configuration management process to obtain the orders, customize the product, functionally test, provide data verification , and direct ship to the end customer in order to reduce time, cost, and complexity. 

Utilizing a virtual factory model by eliminating the need to physically manage the product or packaging, we are an extension of our customers internal supply chain.


To be a virtual factory to our customers, it requires that we support the products throughout their lifecycle, including those that have been in the field for a substantial amount of time. In many cases, our customers do not have the capabilities to service the products and we offer a depot center of excellence which allows them to utilize our expertise in electronics manufacturing.

With our expertise in functional testing and our broad manufacturing capabilities, our engineers can identify and provide a solution for your electrical or mechanical needs.

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IEC Electronics offers depot repair services to troubleshoot and  repair assemblies that are out of warranty or require an upgrade. 

We simplify our customer’s supply chain by providing logistics and fulfillment directly to the end customer.

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