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Field failure is not an option. IEC Electronics knows the criticality of life-saving and mission critical products performing in the field. Dependable products require an expert approach to design throughout the development and manufacturing process. IEC Electronics possesses the engineering know-how and advanced capabilities to provide value-added engineering services for product design and custom functional test design to ensure your end product performs every time – all the time.

Product Design

IEC Electronics has a dedicated staff of engineers who provide knowledge and expertise to design and optimize your product for manufacturing and performance.

Utilizing industry-leading tools and DfX principles, we deliver complete solutions at the concept, prototype, or production phase from complex circuit board assembly (PCBA) to full system manufacturing and assembly.

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Component Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Software Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

  • Component Selection
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Second Source Identification for Obsolete Parts
  • Risk Mitigation Test Plan for Counterfeit Detection
  • Device Upscreening per MIL-STD


  • Schematic Capture and Layout Design
  • Analog, Digital, High Speed Digital Design
  • Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLDs) and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)
  • Microprocessor and Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
  • Analog and Digital Circuits, Power Control and Conversion
  • A/D and D/A mixed-signal design

  • User Interface Development for Embedded Systems
  • System Architecture
  • Real Time Operating (RTOS) Integration
  • High Level Programming Languages (C++, Python, SQL, LabView/NI TestStand, etc.)
  • Database Design & Analytics
  • Data Rich Environment


  • SolidWorks 3D Modeling
  • Chassis & Enclosure Design
  • Mechanical Drafting & Fabrication Drawings
  • Mechanical & Thermal Analysis


Test Engineering Services

With over 20 years average experience, IEC Test Engineers have extensive expertise defining robust test strategies.

Ranging from prototype circuit card designs to full system functional testing including cables and harness testing, our strategies are tailored to maximize test coverage and ensure that the end-product functions as expected when deployed in the field.

IEC utilizes these advanced testing capabilities combined with custom functional test services to detect and solve problems to improve the manufacturability or perform repair and depot services for those products deployed in the field over a long period of time.

Manufacturing Defects Analysis

Functional Test

Reliability Testing

  • Flying Probe Test
  • In-Circuit Test
  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • 2D X-Ray
  • 3D X-Ray (AXI-CT)
  • Destructive Physical Analysis

  • Digital
  • Analog
  • Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Safety Testing
  • JTAG Compliant Devices
  • In-Circuit Emulators (ICE)
  • BDI

  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)
  • Burn-in
  • Temperature Cycling
  • HASS
  • Vibration

Custom Functional Test Design

IEC Electronics has the proven know-how to design and build automated test equipment (ATE) that simulates the end product functionality before ever leaving our facility.

Our customer’s resources are often focused on the overall final product testing and do not have the time to define specific sub-assembly functional testing.

IEC engineers develop custom functional testers to ensure the product performance exceeds the strictest acceptance criteria for mission critical applications.  These tests are often combined with environmental stress screening (ESS) and automated test reporting to ensure that the product will perform when deployed into the field.



  • Bed of Nails
  • Mechanical and Electrical Interfaces
  • Circuit Card Assemblies and Cable Assemblies
  • Data Acquisition Equipment
  • Product Serialization and Tracking
  • Environmental Stress Screening

  • Live Access to Test Data
  • Functional Testing with Full Data Collection
  • Automated Test Reporting within Shop Floor Control
  • Data Analytics for Product Performance Monitoring
  • Automated Graphical User Interfaces

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