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Analysis & Testing Laboratory

Scientific examination and analysis are essential for being successful at complex electronics manufacturing. Whether it is confirming authenticity of an end of life component per AS6081 or investigating suspected design flaws – IEC Electronics has on‑site advanced laboratories to investigate and provide solutions to any technical challenge.

IEC Electronics is the only EMS that has an on‑site DLA QTSL testing lab and offers the full spectrum of DPA testing per military standards. This allows the components to flow seamlessly into our manufacturing centers and minimizes your risk while maximizing the efficiency of your supply chain. The analysis and testing laboratories have the ingenuity, expertise, and tools to solve your most complex design or supply chain challenges, especially when transferring into a full scale manufacturing environment.


Our ISO 17025 lab utilizes state of the art equipment to generate and analyze data for components, printed circuit board assemblies, cables, and full system assemblies.

Non-destructive Testing

  • Optical
  • X-ray (3D)
  • CSAM
  • XRF

Destructive Testing

  • Wire Pull
  • Bond Shear
  • BGA Pull
  • Die Shear
  • Cross-Sectional Analysis
  • Decap

Environmental Testing

  • HAST
  • Humidity
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Leak Testing
  • Thermal Shock
  • Vibration

Electrical Testing

  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Bench Top
  • PWS Analog (I/V)
  • ATV Digital
  • Memory/ASIC/Micro
  • Transistors/OpAmps


Read some examples of how IEC Electronics provided insight into solving  our customers problems.

Risk Mitigation

The threat of counterfeit electronic parts in the supply chain is an unacceptable risk for the mission critical products that we manufacture. With increased regulatory pressure to assure authenticity of obsolete parts and the constant consolidation of semi-conductor suppliers, the DoD recently issued DFAR regulations that further expand on the detection and avoidance policy for counterfeit electronic parts to help minimize this risk.

IEC Electronics is a DFAR aligned contractor approved supplier (CAS) with a DLA QTSL suitable and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.  Our state-of-the-art laboratory performs destructive physical analysis (DPA) testing per MIL-STD-1580 and can provide expertise when testing components to AS6171 and AS6081.

Our team of experts can help minimize the risk to your supply chain by developing a custom risk mitigation test plan, performing the test in-house, and seamlessly integrating it into our manufacturing environment.

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