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High reliability electronics are often found in the industrial sector because of the harsh environments in which they are deployed. These devices and systems are built to withstand the elements where failure is not an option.

IEC Electronics has the proven industry expertise that can develop and build functional test systems which simulates the end product functionality, including extreme environmental conditions to ensure high reliability.

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In-house fabrication of critical custom components beyond PCBA ensures that your product is manufactured and assembled with precision and exceptional quality. We manufacture your complex electronics, custom cables, metal enclosures, and integrate them into a full system assembly.

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IEC Electronics also has on-site analysis and testing laboratories to support our customer’s needs ranging from component level analysis to process validation. These laboratories have a broad range of capabilities to provide data in understanding failure analysis, material qualifications, and process development for components, printed circuit board assemblies, cables, and full system assemblies.

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Electronics Expertise for Industrial

Locomotive tracking & asset monitoring

Railway signaling

Remote inspection equipment

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Weather detection & ranging instruments

Solar, wind, & hydro power conversion equipment

Certifications & Services

ISO 9001:2015 certified

IPC & J-STD certified

Custom Designed Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

Prototyping, engineering & design services

Advanced Analysis & Testing Laboratories

End order fulfillment & logistics management

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