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Corporate Governance

IEC is committed to providing investors with accurate and transparent information regarding the Company’s performance. IEC is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and corporate guidelines to assure that the business decisions made are aligned with the Company’s core business and long-term shareholder interests.

Audit Committee Nominating & Governance Committee Compensation Committee

Keith M. Butler


Charles P. Hadeed

Chairman Chairman

Andrew M. Laurence


Jeremy R. Nowak
Chairman of the Board


Michael W. Osborne

X Chairman

Jeffrey T. Schlarbaum
Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer
  • Jeffrey T. Schlarbaum
Audit Committee
  • Charles P. Hadeed
  • Andrew M. Laurence
  • Jeremy R. Nowak
Nominating & Governance Committee
  • Charles P. Hadeed
  • Lynn J. Hartrick
  • Eric B. Singer
Compensation Committee
  • Keith M. Butler
  • Lynn J. Hartrick
  • Jeremy R. Nowak

It is the policy of IEC Electronics to conduct its business with honesty and integrity, and in accordance with the highest moral, ethical and legal standards.

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