• Electronic Manufacturing Solutions
    for Life-Saving and Mission Critical Products.

    Trusted Ingenuity. Proven Reliability.®

  • Solving Complex Technical Challenges

    Using our scientific expertise we strive to detect the “undetectable.” With our state-of-the art equipment and superior know-how, we solve your most complex design challenges.

  • Minimizing Supply Chain Risk

    It’s not just manufacturing – it’s critical capabilities. IEC has the ingenuity and mastery of electronics, metals, and interconnect solutions that control the supply chain and minimize risk for our customers.


Our Capabilities

From component analysis to functional test development combined with in-house fabrication of critical custom components, IEC Electronics offers a unique set of advanced technical capabilities. We specialize in complex electronics and full system assemblies for life-saving and mission critical products.


IEC Electronics specializes in providing manufacturing services for advanced technology companies whose products are highly complex and must conform to the industry’s highest levels of quality and reliability. The industries that we support demand expertise and flexibility in the manufacturing process to support their critical supply chain needs.


Medical device product development and manufacturing requires an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory standards regarding validation and traceability. IEC Electronics has extensive experience with the complex electronic assemblies required for Class II & Class III medical devices.

Utilizing our on-site laboratories combined with proven industry know-how, IEC Electronics solves challenges and optimizes the process capability to qualify, validate, and manufacture our customer’s products.

We specialize in such products as:

  • Resuscitation systems
  • Surgical navigation systems
  • Infusion delivery systems
  • Injection systems for diagnostic imaging
  • Medical imaging devices
  • Remote/wireless diagnostics

Aerospace & Defense  

The challenges of Aerospace & Defense range from pushing the limits of new technology to supporting legacy products, especially in regards to ongoing regulation changes. From counterfeit component detection to mixed alloy BGA process optimization, IEC Electronics provides services that minimize the risk to your supply chain for your mission critical products.

IEC Electronics has the unique capability of an on-site ISO 17025 certified testing facility that is a DLA approved QTSL Laboratory focusing on failure analysis, destructive physical analysis (DPA), and component risk mitigation.

We specialize in such products as:

  • Secured cockpit encryption systems
  • Weapons/missile launch platforms
  • Targeting & surveillance systems
  • Ruggedized mobile computers

  • UAV control systems
  • Handheld tactical radios
  • Rocket guidance & spacecraft navigation


High reliability electronics are often found in the industrial sector because of the harsh environments in which they are deployed. These devices and systems are built to withstand the elements where failure is not an option.

We specialize in such products as:

  • Locomotive tracking & asset monitoring
  • Railway signaling
  • Remote inspection equipment
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Weather detection & ranging instruments
  • Solar, wind, & hydro power conversion equipment

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